Porsche accident

What To Do If You're In An Accident With Your Porsche

Although this isn't definitive, we've put together a short document outlining what you should do following a road traffic accident.

It isn't just applicable to your Porsche, but all vehicles from a 50cc moped to a 44 ton HGV.

After an accident, most people freeze and panic. There's no need to.

By simply printing out the full document and keeping a copy of it in your glove box, you'll have something to refer to should an accident occur.

Eleven simple rules to help you

  1. Don't panic. Stay calm.
  2. Switch off the engine and ask the other drivers involved to do the same.
  3. Do not move a seriously injured person. Loosen any tight clothing and cover the person with something to keep them warm e.g. coat, rug or blanket.
  4. Move passengers who are not seriously injured to a place of safety, away from the vehicles involved.
  5. If anyone is injured, call for an ambulance and request that the Police also attend.
  6. Do not smoke as there may be a fuel leak (and if possible and safe to do so, remove all other sources of ignition by disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery).
  7. Unless there is a danger to other traffic, do not move any vehicles until the Police arrive. If the Police are not attending, do not move any vehicles until an independent person or witness has made a note of their positions.
  8. If safe to do so, take steps to warn other traffic of an obstruction. Use hazards lights and/or warning triangles. During the hours of darkness or foggy conditions, ensure that nobody stands near the car. It's dangerous and the person could obstruct the hazard lights/warning triangle.
  9. Record the important information on the accident report form and pass on your personal information cards to the other drivers involved
  10. Do not apologise or admit any fault. Who is to blame will be decided later.
  11. Call your vehicle insurance provider as soon as possible and advise them what has happened.

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