Information and background history on the Porsche 911, 924, 944, 928 & 968

We've put a very short series of articles together detailing the history of some of our favourite Porsche models.

We'll put pen to paper again shortly and add articles on the historic Porsche Tractor and the modern era!

The Iconic 911

Who would have thought that from humble beginnings, the iconic 911 would still be around 50 years later!
Read all about the rear engined classic that eventually had to evolve from air cooled to water cooled.

The 924 - the VW that saved Porsche from financial ruin

Front engined and water cooled read all about the Porsche 924 and it's many guises.

The 928 - pure comfort and horsepower

944 Model History and Overview

The 968 - the 944 successor