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        Reinzosil gasket sealant & universal sealing compound - 70ml tube

        Reinz manufactured "Reinzosil" gasket sealant - 70ml tube Suitable for sealing all joints and gaskets in automotive applications including engines, gear boxes, transmissions, drive axles, cylinder liners and plastic housings. It...

        944, 924S, 911, 964, 993, 968, 928 rear crank main seal

        Porsche 944, 924S, 911, 928, 964, 968, 993 rear crank main seal. Suitable and compatible with the following Porsche models:- 911 - All models 3.0L & 3.2L incl Turbo built 1977-1989...

        928 air filter (all models)

        Regular air filter changes on your Porsche will help maintain it's working life, improve the engine's breathing and help ensure that your vehicle will meet it's emissions requirements. This original equipment...